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About me

I am a UX designer specialised in mobile application design and websites, but I like to do other stuff too – like logo- or brand identity design or packaging. Currently I am based in Budapest, Hungary, but I am taking on projects all over the world remotely.

I like to work on cross-functional teams with experts from different backgrounds, but I am comfortable doing things on my own as well in smaller projects. I am used to the agile environment and am always up to try new processes and refine my workflow.

I put a great emphasis on inclusive design, accessibility and believe that good design can make our lives better.

Interested in working with me?

Grab a copy of my CV!

What I work with


Tools come and go, part of my job is to find the right one for the problem I am working on. I believe in learning new tools and if found effective, embedding them in the company process.

Some tools I like to work with:

Figma, Sketch, Abstract, Miro, Adobe CC

Project management tools I use often:

Jira, Confluence, Trello

I can write HTML and CSS, but I also have a generic understanding of how web-, native app-, or cross-platform frameworks (like React Native) behave.

How I work


I have worked in both agile and waterfall environments and experimented with different methods inside agile as well, such as Kan-Ban, daily stand ups and standard sprint cycles.


I like to work with experts from all kinds of fields. I have worked with researchers, developers, writers, visual artists, product managers and I facilitated meetings and workshops to involve them in the design process.

I’ve held various brainstorming sessions and participated in large webinars to inform or inspire my colleagues. Upon chance, I travelled to other offices of the company to build professional relationships, learn and educate my colleagues.


f possible, I aim to base my work on usage data and research. Both qualitative and quantitative research have their place in my process and I have tried several different methods, like co-design sessions, emotional studies and interviews.

What I believe in


With designs and influencing the strategy, I make sure that the end product is something that our users enjoy and actually has a positive impact on their lives.


Modern products should aim to serve any kind of user regardless of their natural abilities. Accessibility is part of the basic criteria for me and I pay attention to build a culture around it.

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