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Aczél Városépítész Bt.

Aczél Városépítész Bt. was founded by my father, Aczél Gábor in 2007, and it operates in the field of urban design. The company already had a logo designed by him, but it needed refreshing and a new company website with it.

The Logo

The logo comes from the letters A (for Aczél) and V (for Városépítész – Urban designer). The shapes and colors also represent the structure of an urban design plan – roads separating blocks or green areas between artificial environment. The company values green areas and both human- and eco friendly environment and also modern, simple architecture so the company brand is also built to represent these guidelines with its color, font and form usage.

The website

The website, was also designed with the same principles. Simple, minimalist design with very few decorative graphics and photos, so the already beautiful plans and documentation can take the main role and act as the eye-candy for the public. The site is mainly a portfolio for the company. The audience who is interested in the past and current work of the company can browse between the plans, articles and publications. on desktop on mobile – the smallest version of the responsive logo can be seen in the header


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