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Beer Bus Budapest

Beer Bus Budapest as a sightseeing method

Beer Bus Budapest is a party bus that goes around the city in a fixed schedule, picking up passengers at specific locations, similarly like the HopOn-HopOff franchise. The bus goes along popular sightseeing locations and most of the cities main attractions can be seen from the bus – while tapping your own glass of beer and drinking it on the open top vehicle.

The main target group is tourists who are seeking a more relaxed kind of sightseeing than the regular city bus tours, or just interested in the twist of drinking while touring.

The main competitor is the HopON-HopOff franchise.

Beer Bus Budapest as a party bus

The Beer Bus also functions as a party transfer in the evening, where the target group is a much younger audience who are seeking a unique party experience or looking for an exciting way to transfer to their final party destination. This group would not only consist of tourists but locals, who later can be converted to regular customers.

About the Beer Bus Budapest logo refresh

Since the mixed target audiences and the varying use cases, the logo had to be more generic and multi-purpose without any direct reference to sightseeing or party culture. The original logo had lots of details that were distracting and unnecessary, the readability also could be improved in several ways. These details along with the circular shapes were removed.

The Budapest text was brought closer in size to the rest of the logo’s ratios to imrprove readability, and increase the emphasis on the location. The black stripes in the background were abandoned and this had a great impact on the symbols style, it was no longer a reference to a soccer club’s emblem.

The calligraphy was tweeked and the parts were slightly adjusted and reorganized. An exclamation mark was added to visually hold the logo together and to emit an energetic, cheerful vibe.

The evolution of the “cleaning up” of the Beer Bus Budapest logo


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