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About Dharmatronic Psychedelic Environments

Dharmatronic is a garage start-up that manufactures psychedelic decorations mainly for psytrance parties. They make everything from simple materials, but their team has no limit on imagination, so they managed to work with the biggest local event organizers.

The logo

Bence Hatala, the founder of Dharmatronic wanted a unique logo that is just as other-wordly as their products. For reference he showed me his tattoo on his arm which was based on crop-circles. Inspired by this, but drifted far I created the first sketch of the logo. After very minor tweaking I managed to create the logo that they use to this day. The “swirly” circle above the text is used separately on small areas, such as in the header of a mobile website, where the full sized logo can not be used.

The Dharmatronic website

Dharmatronic originally had four collections: “Magic forest”, “Crystal Island”, “Alien crash site” and “Holographic hallucinations”. They wanted to represent these collections with illustrations that can give the same feeling on the website that they want to achieve when you are inside their installations. The illustrations were created in photoshop mostly with compositing technique. Later the website was expanded with another collection called “Alien hatchery”.

Illustrations from the website

Stationary design


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