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Escape Room Budapest

About the Escape Room Budapest brand

Escape Room Budapest is (An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. – Wikipedia) located in the heart of the hungarian capital. The main target group is both tourists who visit the city and looking for a unique experience close to the city center, and locals who are already familiar with esecape rooms. Our goal was to convert them to returning customers that try out all the rooms and revisit the establishment when the rooms are updated.

The company had a previous logo, but not an overall brand design. The existing logo was scratched during the rebrand.

The Escape Room Budapest logo

The logo emits a misterious, thriller-esque vibe, since most of the room revolve around a horror-type subject. The english version is the primary version and was used to create the micro-logo, but other language variants also exist. With these versions the same micro-logo (that is derived from the english version) is used as an abstract symbol.

The Escape Room Budapest website

The website also has a consistent atmosphere that is used overall. One of the challenges for designing for an escape room is that no photographs of the actual room can be displayed, because the main appeal of the service is the wow-effect that the visitors experience when entering (and we also want to eliminate the chance of someone solving a few visible puzzles before entering the room).

Competitors usually solve the problem with including related artwork to each room. This results in visually inconsistent websites, since the room can vary a great deal (like Egyptian theme versus murder scene theme) and the images don’t offer any additinal information, nor do they help the company convert users to customers. – We wanted our users to choose us instead of our competitors and not expose them to another dilemma before booking, that mostly doesn’t have any value.

Our solution was to keep the visual style of the webpage, display minimalist icons for every room and rate them by difficulty and basic parameters like time length and maximum number of headcount. The role of selling the rooms felt back to the overal identity that kept the basics of the escape room idea – the mistery.

The Escape Room Budapest landing page with the slider of available rooms


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