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About Eurocell

Eurocell is a company that sells a construction material called foam glass. It is an environmentally friendly, modern material, that has many implications in construction, but being relatively new, it is not widely used in eastern Europe.

The logo

The logo emits a strong, stable vibe with its form and color, and stays faithful to the classic examples of design in this area.

The circular pattern of the graphic symbolises a cell among other cells – the idea comes from the cellular structure of the material itself – and this graphic can be used as a texture too with small modifications. The logo needed to be visible and recognisable in conditions given by the construction (bad lighting, damaged stickers, etc…) and it had to become an easily recognisable symbol of the product and the company both on company documents and on labels used on the product. The logo is responsive, in small spaces (such as the mobile website) a small, compact symbol is used.

The website and imagery

The website pairs a webfont variant of a similar font that is used in the logo and pairs it with simple user interface and a balanced color palette. The brand yellow is in contrast with the smooth, cold colors of the photographs. Since no real documentation was available about the product, I asked for a sample of the material and made the photos myself for this project. Of course the website is responsive and has separate version for mobile devices.


The brand identity follows the same guidelines as the logo and the website (since the logo and the website is part of the brand) – simple, strong and powerful. The company asked for flags, posters, and other assets for a representative panel at expos. These were made to create a recognisable, unified brand that spans from business cards to every printed and digital material.


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