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Flash Episode

About Flash Episode

Flash Episode is a formation of two hungarian dj’s; Steve Deluxe and Dj Eduardo. Flash Episode is going to be a series of regular house parties and events, for now it is a monthly podcast that presents the music of the hosts and occasional guest musicians.

The Logo and the brand

The brand identity needs to represent a fresh, energetic and also a quality event. Since their main channel is digital, I was free to use colors and fonts that look best on screens. The design features glitched fonts, aggressive cyan color, geometric objects paired with harmonic imagery about nature, urban life, creating a duality of opposites that we can all relate to and that is in the art of electronic music.

The podcast covers

These covers follow the same scheme in structure and color. This is rarely modified and only when justifiable – like when a guest dj is the producer or when the two dj’s make a back-to-back mix – in these cases the graphic and some minor elements change to suit the special occasion and to make differentiation between the podcasts easier. The imagery of the podcast is customised for each month both to the season and to the feeling of the track.


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