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GoTo - Mobile Meeting Experience

Working at LogMeIn in 2021, the company went through large scale changes. It went private, the name was changed to GoTo and our products were merged into one centralised app, the GoTo app. It was a strategic change that effected everything and everyone in the company and how we work.

Leveraging on the wide portfolio of products we had, our products were working closer together and we were transforming to a company that is based on product-lead growth.

This also meant that instead of isolated teams, we formed large design and cross-functional teams that spanned across continents and many time zones.

We were using Miro with the international team to stay in touch and to be able to have over-the-clock work done without interruption. Our previous products like GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToConnect (also known as Jive), GoToTraining and GoToMeeting Messenger were merged into one centralised and modularised GoTo App on every platform.

The GoTo App in the App Store

The meetings module

This new setup meant that one of the pillars of the GoTo product is the meeting experience which aimed to replace GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining and was simply called “Meetings”.

The new app was available both as desktop apps, browser apps and mobile apps both for mobile and tablet devices. Tablet was usually an aftertought beforehand, but it was the main focus this time.

My role

As an ex-GoToMeeting designer, my role transformed into a Meeting Experience designer role within the context of GoTo. I was working similar as before, but on a much larger scale.

Design system, accessibility had even more emphasis than before and our pace was faster as well thanks to the technologies we were using for these new generation of products. It was my job to make sure we are aligned with the other modules and our design system and to outline a vision and tactical line of work from the UX perspective regarding the meeting experience.

The new GoTo App with the "Meeting Experience" in the middle


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