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GotoMeeting Messenger mobile apps

The Messenger app is a lightweight chat app that supplements the main meeting app in the GoToMeeting portfolio. It allows individuals and groups to have conversations outside the meeting and start meetings directly from the chat easily.

Compared to other business chat apps, this product provided a simpler, smoother experience – not challenging competitors like Slack or Microsoft Teams, but providing value and extra functionality to the meeting experience.

The Messenger apps are available in browser (Google Chrome) and on mobile devices (iOS and Android). I was the first designer dedicated to this product from the very beginning, to the “end”.

Some early designs of the GoToMeeting Messenger


This product was not sold separately, its main purpose was to add value to our main product, GoToMeeting and to explore a direction where our products don’t start and end with only online meetings.


The app was developed in a native environment, which enabled us to customise the patterns and the look and feel of the app for each platform it runs on. The native technology allowed us to take advantage of the already existing environment and develop it quickly.


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