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Miratia is an interactive city puzzle app aimed for families with children, that are on vacation. This redesign features a site that is more optimised for user experience and aimed to give a teaser about the fresh and fun style of the application.

Website concept

This website was designed for the app called Miratia (I also redesigned the app, click here to see it). The page features playful, bold colors, simple icons and fonts paired with beautiful illustrations (drawn by my illustrator friend, László Kiss). The color scheme and the style is inherited from the app redesign, but additionally incorporates moody photographs of the locations, where the city puzzle games take place.

Mobile version

The site is completely responsive and the UX is just as smooth on smaller devices. This was a really important standpoint in this project, since the app is used and marketed on smaller mobile devices, it is expected that the website will have most of its users browsing on the very same devices.

Miratia application

If you want to know more about the Miratia application design, you can find it here, or under the UI/UX menu.


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