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MyBody Health Program

MyBody Health Program is a medical and wellness treatment package that takes place in luxury hotels such as Carbona or Spirit Hotel. In the heart of the program is an app called mySpirit app, that the patient can use to schedule appointments with doctors or therapists and follow his/her progress and condition. The program puts great emphasis on ayurvedic treatments besides traditional medicine and creates an environment for its participants to relax and be renewed both physically and mentally.

About the logo

I designed this logo while working at Spirit One Creative Agency and it was created when I was working on the mySpirit app. It’s typeface is the same as the apps, since I wanted to create a universal identity for all the products in this line. For the icon I decided to go for an angel-like figure, with “protecting” spread wings, to communicate the message that the health program provides an all round mental-physical-spiritual experience.


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