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The MySpirit app is part of the MyBody Health Program. It is an application that helps you track your progress in medical treatments, lets you schedule appointments and spa services while you stay in Spirit Hotel (***** Hungary). Besides this you can read related articles and learn about the treatments, services, or follow up your progress after your stay in the hotel.

The Logo

The logo needed to reflect on the angel symbol of the Spirit Hotel and the MyBody Health Program, with a combination of a reference to water, since the health program – being in a wellness / spa hotel – revolves around the healing power of water. The graphic of the logo needed to be used in a standalone version also, like as an app icon. With the logo the same typeface and color scheme was used as in other parts of the brand.

The App

The app combines minimalist user interface, wire style icons, classic fonts with spectacular photographs, videos and realistic 3D animations.


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