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PLM Perspektíva 2015

About the event and the logo

PLM Perspektíva 2015 was a convention for the CAD / CAM / PLM industry professionals held in a cinema complex in Budapest. The organizers main focus was the debut of the Siemens Nanobox which also became the symbol and logo of the event (in a perspective view – reflecting on the name of the event). The product was reduced to simple lines that create a robust form and paired with a simple, modern typeface that uses the same fonts as the company brand.

The Siemens Nanobox – “The Box PC is suitable for measuring, controlling, regulating and verifying process and machine data, for industrial image processing or for decentralized visualization in combination with SIMATIC Flat Panels.”

All the event printed materials used the same design elements and color scheme, making it the first completely branded and designed event of the company.


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