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Progressive web app for WLRP

Why are we using progressive web apps?

The main target audiences for all WLRP services (scroll down on this page to learn more about them) are tourists, so most users are one-time customers, who probably won’t return to the country. The services (like pub crawl or the beer bike) are bound to Budapest, so there is no opportunity to build loyal returning customers.

On the other hand every service that WLRP provides compliments a few other, so with the right channel it is a possible to sell multiple during a short period of time, while the users are within the area.

What is a progressive web app? Progressive Web Apps are web applications that are ordinary webpages technically, but are “reliable, fast and respond quickly to user interactions”- thus giving a higher user experience, similar to applications. They are still bleeding edge technology, but the benefits of a PWA can already be seen; they have high conversion rate and if it Google’s progressive web app criteria is met, it can be added to Android device’s home screen or a pc’s desktop.


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