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About the psyinfo project is the biggest own project that I ever made (and I am still making it) with my friend and programmer colleague, Peter P. Pajer. It is a website for psychedelic events like local parties and international festivals all over the world. It is also a platform for event organizers, dj’s, shops, webshops and manufacturers that are related to the psychedelic scene.

We are proud to say that has the biggest database of always up-to-date hungarian events in this scene... and for now it is the only platform for manufacturers where they can present their products and services directly to the audience.

The website

There is lot to write about. Among the before mentioned features we also have web-based radio stations, filters and maps for browsing shops, and the festival / event database is refreshed automatically every week, so the website not only offers the biggest list of events, but also the most up-to-date one too.

The psyinfo website across devices

At the moment we are working on features that gets our users more involved with our content. Such as rating, commenting, forum, customisable user profiles. These profiles will have a premium version for shops and organisers. Trough this they can manage their own page on psyinfo, update their content and information whenever they want and even request advertisement and shout-outs on our channels.

Marketing & social media

We have two main front lines in scaling the formation of psyinfo; we keep in touch with our partners that are presented on our website and encourage them to participate in our contests and promotions and from time to time give them exclusive offers that helps them grow their own business trough cooperation. Our team likes to stay in touch personally with these partners if its possible, but we also plan to do a scheduled separate newsletter for them that gives information about certain changes, special offers or our ideas.

The other channel is directed to our users. The psychedelic scene is built around exact values like friendship, love and good will and we would like to continue to promote these values and implement it in our communication. We are trying to make a friendly environment for all the people who are interested in our culture. Whenever we can, we go to events that we are promoting and make photographs, that we share afterward on social media platforms and encourage people to tag each other and share our albums. We also organise small gatherings where we can directly meet our users – and of course they can meet each other. – It is not uncommon that these gatherings end in friendships and interesting business partnerships.

Partners and funding

As for now, we are a non-profit organisation. Our goal is to help others grow their business and develop ideas, products – even if it is a low-budget, or non-budget startup -. We worked with several shops, workshops and other non-profit organisations, helped each other with our professional insight and available tools. We are open to input and the personal touch of everyone who works with us and are also open to give our thoughts and resources to people who approach us.

Soon premium accounts will be available on our site. These will have useful features for our partners and it will be also our chance do develop and to have bigger budget, so that we can pursue are future plans (such as a physical, printed envelope version of our website). Our goal is also to mentor artists and give them platform for their art, so they can reach bigger audience and with time, expand the hungarian psychedelic culture with exhibitions and temporary art-markets.


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