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Rizsa Bar

Rizsa bar is a small pub by night and café by day, located in Budapest downtown at Király street, which is one of the most visited street in the hungarian capital. The street is famous about it’s busy nightlife and pubs and is often visited by tourists and locals as well.

Rizsa was one of the cheaper bars, but it has a really good location, so that was one of the things that they wanted to change with the re-brand. The general atmosphere of the bar was not well polished and the original “Rizsa presszó” name suggested a small, cheap place – hence we suggested to change the name to “Risza bar”, which has the additional benefit of being more universal for not hungarian speaking people.

The Rizsa Bar logo

“Rizsa” in hungarian slang means “aimless speaking or prattle”, something like “blabla” – which is a good starting point for a place where people get together on dates, meet-ups just to speak next to a coffee, beer or some other beverage. The original logo used a speach bubble, this concept we kept, but gave it a modern, minimalist look. Instead of the original comic-esque speach bubble we used a more digital chat-like bubble. Three dots were also added to suggest the open and ongoing nature of the conversation.

The logo has three versions – one with the “.bar” text next to the speach bubble, which will be the future tld of the website. A micrologo also exists that can be used in small spaces, like the website favicon.

The Rizsa Bar brand

We did not do a whole brand design for Rizsa Bar, but while designing the logo, one of the priorities was that it can be extended to the whole brand. For example the chat bubble can be used to suggest a conversation – instead of the one-sided nature of a single speach bubble – when paired with a reflected version of the bubble.

Another suggestion was to embrace the theme of aimless conversation and use “BLA BLA” in a repeated pattern for decorating the place and it’s printed materials.


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