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About Romkocsmakalauz or “We Love Ruin Pubs”

The Romkocsmakalauz website collects the top ruin pubs of Budapest and is hosted on both a hungarian domain ( and on an english ( – as in “We love Ruin Pubs”). The main purpose of the website is to provide guidance in the Budapest alternative pub scene for tourists and provide a list of selected pubs. The website also displays several activities that can be combined with pubbing, such as pubcrawl or the infamous beerbike.

WLRP’s purpose is the become one of the core products of the company and to become as the main identifier of the formation.

The Romkocsmakalauz logo and brand

Our main goal when creating the new brand was to make a fresh, modern and recognizable style and color palette that opposes the previous conventions when ruin pubs were marketed. The new brand advertises quality places and services and uses modern techniques to do so.

The logo was the first element of the RKK rebrand and it is the symbol of the completeley rethinked website. It has vivid, neon colors and a modern, simple form. The “KK” symbol of the logo canbe used separately or as part of a pattern too. Since the logo contains the services name, it has to versions for the two languages and in the english version the logos symbol is mutated fully to abstraction.

The website and social media

The website generates traffic organically by its superior SEO optimized individually to the displayed ruin pubs and for generic keywords aswell. Visitors are also channeled trough social media, where the brands identity is presented consistently.

On social media, we post playful, fun, yet recognisable graphics that reflect the chaotic style of the ruin pub scene.

Ruin pubs can be browsed both by name and location and a summary with all the important details are displayed with backlinks to the official websites. Of course the site is fully responsive and up to todays standards. It was created in HTML, CSS and PHP, the only exception is the integrated and customized Google Maps iframe, so it is fast and reliable. It was one of the WLRP projects where the front-end was not only designed, but developed by me.


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