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About sunme

Sunme is a company that provides a professional, in-browser solar capacity modelling service to end-users and solar panel installers.

The logo

The logos main motive is the “u” that is sliced up by sunshine rays. It has three sizes, the full logotype contains the “.solar” tld under the “sunme” text and the micro-logo is reduced to only the “u”.

The brand imagery

The company imagery has multiple tiers by style and purpose. The primary “hero” images are composit images that are mostly realistic, with a surreal element – like a huge Sun -. These images are used as cover images for campaigns and are a central element of the website. They are aimed to grab attention and communicate that solar energy is a powerful, huge source of power, yet easily and harmlessly harnessable by anyone.

The second tier of images use vivid, colorful images about the subject of the relating article or post and pairs them with simple, but large scale text to create a sense of greatness with the contrast in sizes. The text is also placed “inside” the scene to embrace this sense of different ratios.

A few pages from the Brand Styleguide


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