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Valio-Plastics Kft. is a reseller of plastic and foil products, and is a mid-size company based in Budapest, Hungary. They wanted two separate, but intertwined website that works as a portfolio and knowledge base about their products and services, but also houses educative content about the usage of the products and the industry – therefore driving traffic to the website, and acts as a solid base for the SEO-optimized content. became a hub about the plastic products (this was their original domain), and a completely new domain, was also added, which became the host of the foil products (produced by Arlon Ltd.). Their new pair of websites shares the layout and basic styles, the only main differences (besides the actual content) are the color scheme – where the original kept the Valio-Plastics company colors and the new additon used the Arlon Ltd. orange as the primary color.


They had high-quality products, but the presentation was poor and always challenging, because of the nature of these items (mostly raw pieces of plastic and rolls of foil). A new photographic imagery was also created (this was also done by me) that presents the products in a minimalistic environment and turns their visual simpleness into their strength. You can check out the product images here

The visual refreshing of the imagery also included new portraits about the employees of Valio Plastics. Here, the primary principles stayed the same – simple, professional and natural. You can check out the portraits here


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