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My work at Logmein / GoTo


Chameleon Design System - Mobile expert

I am working in the design system team as the mobile expert creating, improving and maintaining the GoTo's design system called Chameleon.

I am also responsible for the Iconography and Illustrations used across all platforms and products.


As my primary responsibility at LogMeIn I am holding the role of lead designer for Mobile Meeting Experience. I am designing the iOS and Android mobile apps, but I am also involved in the design of other endpoints as well as part of the UX team and as an expert in mobile product design.

GoToMeeting app design

Lead designer role

Using research and data I have been involved from strategy to execution in several industry leading mobile apps, such as GoToMeeting and GoToMeeting Messenger. These mobile apps had the highest rating among our products and consistently kept their position as such.

Under my lead the apps have went through a complete UX-centric redesign, which improved user experience by every metric.

GoTo mobile apps – Meeting Experience

Experience designer role

The GoTo was the next generation of our products and a new phase in LogMeIns history. The whole company transformed and even changed its name to GoTo.

I was responsible for the Meeting Experience for mobile which now included not only iOS and Android phones, but also tablets.

In this new product, my responsibilities expanded beyond meetings to the webinar and training modules and I took a more leading, strategist role. At the same time the environment became more complex, the GoTo app was home for messaging, voice calls and more functionality than just meetings. We had to align across teams, border and time zones.

Design system

Contributor role

I’ve taken part in creating LogMeIn’s first all-round design system from scratch which eventually grew into a component library that is used up until this day.

As part of the UX team one of my responsibilities is to be involved with our design system (called Chameleon) and add to it, shape it from a mobile perspective.


Project leader role

Managing work with external artists was maybe my most favourite side project at LogMeIn. We were tackling the illustrations for the GoTo product family – the first complete set of illustrations done as a project. One of the benefits in working with a large company like this is that I had access to a more flexible budget and I had bigger reach than usual. For this project we reached out to many lesser known artists around the world and ended up choosing a talented independent illustrator who made many beautiful images to delight our users.

Cross-product responsibilities

I’ve been involved in creating roadmaps and high level strategy of our mobile products. Part of my responsibilities was to provide a mobile perspective in every GoTo project, for which I have created a guild for mobile designers.


I’ve taken part in the accessibility initiative and transformed the mobile apps to comply with our new guidelines and even domesticated some best practices within our team for better accessibility.

Cross-functional collaboration

I have worked together with Product Management, Development, Marketing and the Brand team. During these cooperations I’ve experimented with various frameworks and popularised successful ones inside the company.

Collaboration with product

I give insight to product management from the UX perspective, influencing the roadmaps and prioritising on a more tactical level as well.

Collaboration with designers

I co-design, brainstorm, workshop and give advice back and forth with my fellow UX designers both in our team and both cross-team. I’ve started to create a mobile guild throughout the company to help cross-business unit cooperation. I’ve onboarded and currently am mentoring one of our newest members of the team.

Collaboration with research

When needed I am working with other non-designer UX colleagues as well; Working with researchers, we are conducting both qualitative and quantiative research that helps us find our way to the future of the product or help us refine our products based on our users needs.

Collaboration with editors

Working with UX Writers, we are shaping our product persona and our copy, microcopy inside our app to provide the best and most understandable experience through our editorials as well.

Collaboration with developers

Delivering to developers on a daily basis and including them in the design process is a large part of my work. It is part of my responsibility to include engineering in the design process and negotiate about priorities based on a realistic understanding of effort and new technologies, but it is also my part to educate developers about UX trends and keep them updated about what’s to come.


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