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Here you will be able to see the user interface and user experience designs by me. Most of these are apps or desktop softwares with more complex architecture and sophisticated UX, the website UI designs can be found under the “web design” option.

UX work at GoTo

GoTo (formerly known as LogMeIn Inc.) is a multi-national company with a portfolio consisting mainly of communication and collaboration tools. With tens of millions of daily active users GoTo takes a huge part in shaping the face of todays business collaboration.


Being a modern tech company, GoTo also puts a lot of emphasis on the well being of people that they are building for and the people that are building for them. Accessibility, equality, empowerment plays just as big of a role as productivity and efficiency in their culture.

UX / UI work at Orthograph

These are the main products I have worked on at Orthograph. The companies portfolio consists of professional, but easy to use CAD surveyor apps running on mobile devices.

More UX / UI work

A selection of individual projects I worked on as a freelancer.

Web design

A selection of individual website centric projects I worked on as a freelancer.

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