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WLRP booking admin user interface

The purpose of the admin system

WLRP has a wide range of services that mainly include touristic and entertainment programs mostly in Budapest, Hungary. The admin system was designed so that the event organizers, managers, partners and on-site collegues have a customized interface where they can log and manage the bookings, but also works as a CRM framework.

Online bookings come directly to the admin system, but it has the fuctionality for manualy recording and editing bookings too. The booked services have different states that indicates the payment status and other important data.

Flexible User Interface

Most of the services share a few common properties, but none of them is identical, with the exact same needs. Therefore the user interface had to be created with moduls that can suit any parameter that comes up, when a new service is introduced.

User experience, simplicity

The admin system is both used in WLRP’s office on desktop computers, but also on the field with tablet devices. The interface had to be compatible with touch mechanichs and needed to have a smooth, flat navigation that can be utilised quickly by the hostesses. Since people with many different roles use the system, they each can customise their view with filters. User roles define what data or functionality can be accessed by the users, so the system can be also easily deployed at a new partners venue almost instantly. A large priority when designing was also to create an interface that is intuitive – and shares the structure of the previously used excel table – so that new colleagues need little traning before kicking off.


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