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OrthoGraph I – building survey app

OrthoGraph I is the next generation of OrthoGraph for tablets. It is a floor plan survey and creation CAD app running on iOS and Android mobile devices – since October 2016. By using OrthoGraph I, professionals get an on-site tool that can eliminate the use of pencil and paper, hand drawn sketches, and user errors, all this while saving time.

“Change the way you create floor plans of existing homes or offices. Today it is more than just a trend that tablets and mobile phones are over and above being devices for free time activities, they became powerful working tools. By using OrthoGraph, the professional building survey app your tablet turns into a powerful tool which helps you working faster than ever.

Forget the clumsy hand drawn sketches and old, outdated, unreliable floorplans. Use your tablet and sketch the floor plan just the way you would do with pencil and paper, the software recognizes your movements and creates walls from them. Measure walls and diagonals as you go. OrthoGraph doesn’t let you forget any measurement as it highlights those corners that are not measured enough yet.

Connect a compatible laser distance meter to OrthoGraph in order to speed up your process – as all measured data shows up directly on your tablet screen, you won’t need another colleague to help with survey anymore, so you can move faster.”

About the UI

Meet an ergonomic, easy-­to-­use user interface, which makes a complete building survey available on iOS and Android tablets and on smartphones, too.

The app was designed with a fluid layout that works across all screen sizes starting from an iPhone 5S to an iPad Pro (and all everything in between, including Android devices).


It has more than a 100 icons (designed from scratch exclusively for this app), all created in the same visual style and with the same principles; communicating functions, giving feedback and information in the simplest, most subtle way.


The app has more than 50 individual views including the “drawing area” where most of the functions take place. They all have a consistent visual style and flat workflow, so the user can always return to whats important for him – the drawing area. Most of these screens are different property editors, or settings with a few misc. scenes like the “laser distance meter connection” screens or the “export” and “cloud settings” screens.

“The user-interface, in general, is brilliantly conceived. The fan wheel type Toolbar is incredibly smart.” –


The core functions are available trough the “Right-corner wheel menu” where the user can navigate between different nested menus. It can be used with ease for jumping between functions, but if the user goes from one endpoint to the other, than the app will lead him trough the whole survey process starting from a basic 2D drawing and finishing with a furnished, scale-correct 3D model.

About the 3D models

OrthoGraph has 100 low poly 3D models for furnishing floor plans. They were all created in Blender with a mindset to keep them as resource-friendly as possible, while maintaining the decorative aspects of the models. They include the generic furnishing of a normal household, some very basic geometric shape for placeholders and I also managed to include some famous furnitures to give some variation to the selection – and with the help of them, the user is able to create more moody 3D renders.


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